Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back again, I hope! One year later..

I found it interesting that my last blog was about Caroline learning to crawl. If I remember correctly, there really was no "extra" time to blog as our sweet baby girl began to explore every inch of our house. Of course, soon after, she taught herself to walk and had her first birthday.

After this, our lives consisted of Chad and me devoting every minute of our time and ALL of our energy to our growing (demanding) little ones. We learned to work together making sure the other was getting at least a little free/"me" time. Usually that just meant that I got to sit for a couple hours during my cut and color or on occasion, getting to take a bath and shave my legs without Drew or Caroline's assistance. Chad never lost his hunting or fishing privileges no matter how much I would've rather him been home. Although not ever much at all..(there just isn't), a little "me" time goes a long way when raising small children.
As Caroline approaches her 2nd birthday and Drew his big #5, we feel like we can give ourselves a pat on the back. We still find ourselves both physically and mentally drained a lot of the time, but there is order, routine, and we are proud of the little people our children are becoming. When we look at our babies (who are not babies anymore), we are so proud, feel so blessed, and are so lucky to call them ours!
P.S. I love to blog! Here's hoping I continue to find the time!

Monday, March 29, 2010

And she's off!!!!

After several weeks of practice, Caroline finally got the confidence she needed to take off crawling! I had waited and watched her anxiously for weeks even getting down and crawling on the floor beside her in hopes she would be a visual learner. As it always works, when we let our children do something on their own terms, they succeed! She finally took off and within 3-4 days, she was crawling around to every room in the house. She is so proud of herself..always smiling while crawling. I will walk into a different room to do something and within seconds, here comes my sweet baby girl panting towards mama! She wears herself out-her poor knees-she doesn't care if the floor is carpeted or not. She always has red knees now, but it's still the cutest thing I've ever seen! We are proud of you baby girl-we knew you could do it!

Drew plays soccer!

There's been so much to blog about lately which is exactly the reason I haven't. Life has been BUSY! Drew started playing soccer a couple weeks back so practice on tuesday evenings and games every sat morning have contributed to our busy schedule. I'm not complaining at all..I have waited 3 1/2 years to be a soccer mom! It is absolutely one of the cutest things I've ever seen watching these little people kick and sometimes pick up a soccer ball down the field, not caring at all which way they go or which goal they score in. To my surprise, however, for a bunch of 3 year olds, they actually don't look too bad out there! I definitely saw some improvement from the 1st to 2nd game. More importantly, my little man is having a ball, making new friends, and learning what it's like to be on a team. Here are pics of Drew's first ever sports game!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Holding on...

It could have just been P.M.S. but I shed a few tears the other day when I was forced to pull all of Drew's "too little" underwear out of his drawer. I had started noticing that not only were they starting to look small, but that they were leaving little marks on him. :( Call me crazy, I don't care, but I won't dare get rid of them. Oh, the precious memories I have of him in all those cute little undies. (he started wearing underwear at 22 months) Watching your children grow up is so sad and joyful all at the same time. I get so emotional thinking about the days I can never get back. The newborn stage with Caroline back in the summer right before Drew turned 3 floods my mind with so many wonderful memories. What a wonderful, blessed time in our lives as we watched our family grow and gained a precious little girl. Drew loved his little sister from the moment he sat eyes on her. A summer we will never forget!
Back to the undies...Drew says "mommy, are you going to give my underwear to a little boy that doesn't have any underwear"? I reply, "No babe, we won't be passing these along..only your clothes" Drew- "but how come mama..little boys like spiderman"? How was I to explain that those little underoos weren't going anywhere for a while because "mommy" wants them?!?!? Posted are some pics of these precious little undies that I have grown attached to. :) He even had a little pair of tighty whities, size 2 toddler!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally- something that works!

Like so many other moms, I am fed up with my postbaby(x2) body. All I want is to look and feel good in my clothes again!!!! I could use a little more energy too, and I know losing a few lbs gets you some energy back. I'm only 31 but I feel so much older these days. My knees are weak, I can't run or even walk very fast without becoming winded, and I hate to bend down and pick things up because my back is always hurting. I have tried for 3 years to "eat right" and exercise only to lose 5 lbs or so and gain it back 2-3 weeks later once I have fallen off my diet. I know myself and know by now it's going to take something a little more drastic, something to hold me accountable, to get me in shape. I don't want to spend another summer uncomfortable in my swimsuit. I have two kids to worry about now, not whether or not the people at the pool think I should be in my swimsuit. :)

A couple weeks ago, I decided to take the Nutrisystem challenge! I ordered it and in the days waiting on it to ship, I got myself psyched up for it and ate all the pizza and cookies I wanted. The money invested in it was my motivation at first. But it no longer is about the money. 13 days and 9 lbs later, I am amazed at what I am seeing. I feel great and know I will feel even better with each additional lb gone and day behind me. This program works! Hopefully they find my blog and ask me to be a spokesperson because that is what I sound like already.:) I don't plan on attaching any before/after pics of myself but here are some pics of my kids having a ball with all my Nutrisystem food the day it came in. Drew sat up shop and said "Mommy, come to my store and pick out some really yummy food"! I replied, "I sure will"!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bathtime fun

My kids are really starting to have fun with each other. Caroline is only 8 months old, but I can tell how much she enjoys her big brother's company and vice versa. He is starting to notice her growing and her developing personality. He will say things like "baby sister's not wittle anymore" or "baby sister can move now mama" or baby sister is big like me" or "her love me mama" or "her laughs at me all the time". As I have said before, one of the greatest things to me about having 2 children is watching them together. Some times are sweet and some are just so funny! Here's a glimpse at some of their good times in the bath together! Yes, they are both smashed in a ducky tub made for babies-it used to be Drew's and he's determined it still is! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gone fishin'

The sun was shining all weekend and the temperatures were in the 50's! It was so nice to have a break from the wet, cold weather. It has been such a loooong winter and I, personally, am 100% over it! While I love staying home with my children rain, shine, snow, whatever mother nature sends our way, what I really love is being able to be outdoors with them. We took full advantage of the beautiful day on Sunday. We packed a picnic lunch and took a family fishing trip. Drew was excited to catch a "weally, weally BIG fish", Chad was happy to be in the great outdoors again, and Caroline and I..well..we were both just tickled we got to go along! We didn't catch any fish so I have no pics to show but we had a great time!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Joyful 3's

Little Mr. Drew never ceases to amaze us. We laugh so hard at almost everything that come out of his mouth. I have recently had to start writing down all of the things my little character says and does so that I will never forget any of it. Although the 3 year old brings on a whole new set of challenges, I love this age so much!
We were waiting on "Mom-Mom" (my mom) to get to our house last week. A few minutes before, Drew disappears into the bathroom. Chad found him first and let me know that I needed to come. Chad- "Drew, what are you doing"? Drew- "I gotta shave my face for Mom-Mom" Mommy- "You have to shave your face for Mom-Mom?" Drew- "Yeah, her don't like it when I have hair on my face."
We will never understand the stream of thoughts that lead to our children's silly, random actions but there are so many times where I'd give anything to get into the mind of my 3 year old. God love this child! One thing's for sure-he will be ready to shave when that dreadful time comes. Take a close look at the pics and you will agree!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a great day at the Circus!

Chad & I took Drew to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus a couple weeks ago. It was quite different than the circus from my childhood that took place under a big tent in Kennett, MO. We had a great time! When we asked Drew what his favorite thing from the circus was he said "the elephants and the tigers and the zebras and the clowns". For several days following the circus, he played dress-up as a clown using Daddy's shoes as his big clown shoes. He is such a silly little boy! It really was terrific and we can't wait to go again next year!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Year..(and a month already gone)

I will blame the holidays for why I haven't blogged in a couple months. What busy months October, November, & December always are. I love to blog so I decided I must make it a priority. We had a great Thanksgiving and an even better Christmas. We got our first real snow last week and enjoyed being snowed in for a couple of days. What a perfect excuse to sit around in your pajamas by a fire doing nothing but eating, playing and cuddling with your children, and watching movies for 3 straight days! Drew built his first snowman and Caroline saw her very first snow. I am pretty sure she would've appreciated a pair of sunglasses-it was so bright and pretty!

Caroline began sitting up the day after Christmas which also happened to be her 6 month birthday. We were so excited! It's amazing how they just pick a day to all of a sudden do the thing we've been waiting for them to do. Since then, she has begun practicing her crawling and will be taking off any day now! She started solids back in November and started out slow but, oh my, how she loves it and scarfs it down now. Most days, I can't feed her fast enough. She loves almost everything I've tried so far except for peas and she especially loves sweet potatoes and fruit.
Drew continues to love preschool and all his "fwenz". I am extremely pleased with his preschool. The director pours her heart into this preschool and it is evident. The teachers are the most kind, caring people I have ever been around. The place is neat and sparkling clean all the time. Most importantly, Drew is thriving and I have to give SMA some of the credit!
My children are the center of my life. I find myself smiling a whole lot these days. I continue to thank the Lord daily for blessing me with Drew and Caroline. I am truly amazed by them..their little grins and giggles, their little finger and toes, their beautiful blue eyes. I wonder is it normal that almost on a daily basis I think about how miraculous it is that I, with the help of Chad of course, created these little beings that bring us so much joy?!?! I love every little inch of both of them! They are so innocent, so dependent, and make my heart melt over and over.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun Facts about our Family

Caroline likes Orville Reddenbackers caramel corn as much as we do-she drools like never before while watching us eat it.

Drew says to me "I remember when you & daddy got married"and to Chad "I remember when you and mommy got married". Makes us laugh!

We decorated the inside of our house for Christmas and Drew tells us later that day" I want our house back".

Caroline finally rolled from front to back on Nov 22nd. YAY Sissy!

Chad hasn't killed a deer this year but comes home from every hunting trip and says " I could've gotten one".

Caroline's first babydoll is under the Christmas tree.

Drew doesn't know it yet but he's getting a battery operated Harley Davidson motorcycle from Santa Claus.

Chad & I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner for quite some time now. Guess we're both sick of my same ole, same ole.

Each week, we have a taco night and spaghetti night.

Thursday is not just Thanksgiving this year-it is also our 4th wedding anniversary. Caroline turns 5 months on this day too.

Chad & I race each other to the kids when we hear one of them wake up.

We are helping a little boy have a wonderful Christmas this year. Drew is excited to buy toys for another kid. This makes me so proud.

My favorite song right now is Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. I listen to it over and over and over and over. It's my mom's favorite too.

Drew watched the Wizard of Oz for the first time last week and loves it as much as I do.

Caroline would lay in front of the Christmas tree all day and night and stare if we would let her.

Chad has more fun playing with Drew's Lite Brite than Drew does.

I am excited Four Christmases came out on dvd today.

Chad & I love "The Office".

Caroline loves for anyone to sing to her "Sweet Caroline".

I think a Christmas tree makes a home cozier than anything else in the world.

Chad has been playing a lot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on the xbox lately.

Drew says "Mommy, you wuv me tooo much" when I kiss and hug on him.

I love to watch Wheel of Fortune and I'm pretty good at it. Chad should be a contestant on Jeopardy or Millionaire.

Drew can read his name. We found this out after we hung the stockings which all look alike except for the names and he pointed to his and said "this is mine".

I love Dr Suess's Cat in the Hat movie.

Drew & I take bubble baths filled with toys together.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Future Deer Hunter?

Future deer hunter? No doubt! He probably doesn't stand a chance not to be with Chad as his Daddy and Papa Dave as his Papa. He is all set to go when it comes that time. He even has his lifetime hunting and fishing permit-Daddy's gift to him last Christmas. He loves to help Daddy get ready to go hunting, understands that he can't go with, and anxiously waits for him to get back to see if he has a "big deer"! In the pic is Drew and Daddy with Daddy's deer from last year.