Sunday, August 30, 2009

My poor baby!

YUCK, YUCK, YUCK to tiny, innocent, little babies having to get shots! I knew it was coming though and figured since I had been through it once, it'd be no big deal. Kids have to have their shots and they never remember the pain so it's really no big deal, right? Not so much...every mother hates everything about it but is forced to grin and bear it way too often in the first year. It's completely not fair and completely pitiful to watch. But yes, it is absolutely necessary and keeps our precious little ones well. I just wish there was liquid vaccine that you could just slip in their bottles. :)
Caroline went in for her 2 month well visit on Friday. We found out she is a very healthy baby girl ranking in the 89th percentile on weight. Wow- where did my tiny newborn go?!?! She is now a plump, little almost 13lb bundle of pure joy! Her shots came next and big brother Drew was practically on the table with his little sissy. He was even holding her hand like I do his when he goes to the doctor. He said on the way there "Why baby sister gettin' a shot"? After explaining this to him, I knew he was very anxious and wouldn't miss a thing while we were there. He watched with concern as she cried so hard after each shot. I assured him sissy would be fine. He is so proud and protective of his baby sister!
We had a wonderful weekend with my mom and stepfather Stew. There was lots of eating, swimming, and shopping going on. Drew picked out his new backpack (Transformers) for preschool and insisted on sporting it around the mall. He also enjoyed helping pick out new fall clothes at BabyGap and Children's Place. This child loves clothes! He actually enjoys trying them on. I will enjoy this while it lasts. Shoe shopping was last week and he enjoyed this too. He is such a silly little boy! He is really excited to start preschool in September. I am super excited too. I just know being a preschool mommy is going to be lots of fun! I can't wait to hear all of his stories and meet his little friends. He is going to have so much fun learning! Caroline did great over the weekend after her shots, sleeping more than usual but no fever or real fussiness. What a little trooper she is!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good food and good times

What a wonderful time our family had at the Williamson County Fair this past weekend! We anxiously arrived right as the gates opened on Friday night. We had a peacefully sleeping baby and a fired up 3 year old who was more than ready to "wide some wides".
Drew had so much fun! The look on his sweet little face while he was on the rides was truly priceless. He rode his first kiddie rollercoaster but only once...we got the feeling it was a little too rough and jerky for him but he was still proud when he got off. I had to walk up a million stairs to get to the top of the magic carpet slide not just once but twice (I'm OUT of shape). It was so much fun going down that I made Chad go too. He came down smiling. I love to see my husband smile!
Caroline enjoyed herself too. We could tell by the sweet, content look on her face. She is such a good little baby! Thank you God for knowing that I needed an easygoing baby this time around. Love you are my amazing toddler now! ;)
After 4 hours, we had done it all and made wonderful memories-rides, games,petting zoo, sweet potato fries and cotton candy, farmer's market for kiddos, bike show,live band- the whole nine yards. It was time to go until next year!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A wonderful visit

Wow- the last couple weeks have flown! My brother and nephew were here for 10 days. My nephew Logan is 8 years old and the sweetest little boy that ever walked the earth! I have never seen a child so easygoing and just plain cool! He was excited to meet his new baby cousin and took such good care of her while he was here. He really was so helpful. I miss having him around to bring me the wipes, feed the baby while going down the interstate, entertain Drew, and especially to put a smile on my face. I love that kid so much and am already counting the days til our next visit! We had a great time getting haircuts, going to a movie (Aliens in the Attic), playing XBOX, having a lemonade stand, baking cookies and brownies, building forts, swimming, hanging at Mom-Mom's and Mema's, and just being downright silly! Thank you Logan for being my amazingly sweet and perfect nephew. You bring happiness into my life! And thank you for being such a great big cousin to my children. They are so lucky to have you in their lives!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zoo times!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I took a trip to the Nashville Zoo with our 4 kiddos. It was our first outing with the new babies. Our kids are almost exactly the same age- Drew and Tyler are 4 days apart and will be 3 in September. Caroline was 3 weeks and Zachary 8 weeks. I still felt like I was recooperating physically but was itching to have some fun at the same time. I love the zoo, mainly the elephants and giraffes, and I was super excited!
We spent the first hour or more letting Drew and Tyler play in the gigantic jungle gym while trying to keep the babies cool and shaded. There is a big area that is cushioned perfect for letting kids run like animals. Tyler and Drew were literally bouncing off the walls. They had big smiles on their faces the whole time! I had a couple scares when Drew would take off in this huge jungle gym and I would have to go climbing and yelling for him. I would hear his little voice answer me "over here mommy" which gave me the peace I needed until I could find him. His lack of fear never ceases to amaze me. I found him climbing big, scary things he's never seen before and it made me a nervous wreck. He was wet with sweat and had a bright red face, but was having the time of his life. It is such a good feeling when you can actually feel the fun your kids are having. I continued to let him be brave while I remained a nervous wreck.
We finally left the jungle gym in search for the elephants, giraffes, and monkeys. Drew likes the big African animals just like his mommy does. I really think I could sit and stare at an elephant all day for some reason. He said "that elephant is big, what got him so big"? "That giraffe is WAAAYYY up there mommy"! He was also really curious as to why monkeys do all that scratching. "Why that monkey doing that, he itch?!?" I could probably sit and stare at a monkey all day too.
The boys got sleepy early on and we were hot and exhausted. We were reminded that we had just had babies, were sleep deprived, and hormonal. I have been having headaches almost every day since having Caroline and could feel one coming on. As far as we know, the babies never even caught a glimpse of the zoo! They both slept peacefully the entire time we were there. We decided to cut the trip a little short but still had a great time.
Drew was asleep and my headache had gone full throttle before we were out of the parking lot. We drove home and I carried my sleeping babies inside. I nursed Caroline and she went right back to sleep. "Yes!" I thought to myself. This mommy was pooped! I crawled into my bed and fell right to sleep. 35 minutes later, the doorbell rings, the dog barks (because the doorbell rang), Drew yells out "mommy" (because the dog was barking), and Caroline lets out one of her little wimpers (because the dog was barking and her brother was yelling mommy across the house). I run to the door mad at whoever it was that started all of this. It was a man trying to sell steaks out of his truck! Mmm..don't think so, I said. I closed the door, told the dog to shut up, and rescued my babies. So much for my nap..wasn't meant to be I suppose...but I will take 35 minutes of naptime any day! Oh, the joys of motherhood...