Monday, October 19, 2009

Things our children would say...

I was going through old books last week trying my hardest to part with at least a few. I was looking through a book "Lists to Live by" which is just what it says- a book of various lists that pertain to all aspects of life. I use to use it to find neat things to print and hand out to my mental health clients. I found a list that meant nothing to me back then but was so neat to me now, two children later. If our little ones could explain their feelings, these are the things they would be saying. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

18 Memos From Your Child from "Lists to Live By" by Gray, Stephens, & Van Diest

Don't spoil me. I know quite well that I ought not to have all I ask for. I'm testing you.
Don't be afraid to be firm with me. I prefer itlit makes me feel more secure.
Don't let me form bad habits.I have to rely on you to detect them in the early stages.
Don't make me feel smaller than I already am. It only makes me behave stupidly big.
Don't correct me in front of people if you can help me. I'll take much more notice if you talk quietly with me in private.
Don't be too upset when I say "I hate you". It's not you I hate but your power to thwart me.
Don't take too much notice of my small ailments. Sometimes they get me the attention I need.
Don't nag. If you do, I shall have to protect myself by appearing deaf.
Don't make rash promises. Remember that I feel badly let down when they are broken.
Don't forget that I cannot explain myself as well as I should like. That is why I'm not always very accurate.
Don't be inconsistent. This completely confuses me and make me lose faith in you.
Don't tell my my fears are silly. They are terribly real to me and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand.
Don't put me off when I ask questions. If you do you will find that I will stop asking and seek my information elsewhere.
Don't ever suggest that you are perfect or infallible. It gives me too great a shock when I discover you are neither.
Don't ever think it is beneath your dignity to apologize to me. An honest apology makes me feel surprisingly warm toward you.
Don't forget how quickly I am growing up. It must be very difficult for you to keep pace with me, but please try.
Don't forget I need lots of understanding and love.

Twice the fun!

I had an old friend ask me this morning what life with two kids is like. Well, I told her.. it is double the work and double the patience needed. Actually I should just keep going... it is also double the mouths to feed, bodies to bathe, bodies to dress, double the bedtime routines, bags to pack, kids to load and unload, halloween costumes to shop for, christmas presents to buy, well you get my drift! It is 2 times with everything! However, it is also double the smiles, double the fun, double the joy, and double that amazing love that we have for our children and they also have for us. It makes the tiredness and the neverending "to do" list seem like such a small price to pay. A mommy's job REALLY never ends. There is always more to do. Having two children has been everything I had hoped for plus so much more. I feel so blessed everyday and I DO NOT let a day go by where I take my kids for granted. I know that they grow at lightning speed and there's not a thing we can do to slow it down. I remind myself of this often. Children are precious, innocent and gifts from God. Thank you Lord, yet again, for giving me two beautiful, healthy children. I thank him all the time but feel like it's never enough.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Caroline

So I noticed little Caroline wasn't getting as much coverage on my blog as Drew here lately. Mostly because he's 3 years and she's 3 months and he's got a few more things going on his life. However, she can be a little character too, so I wanted to share with you some pics of her playing the piano with her feet. I figured it was time to start being creative. They sure are fun to look at when their infants but they must get bored. It was the perfect setup and she LOVED it!