Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back again, I hope! One year later..

I found it interesting that my last blog was about Caroline learning to crawl. If I remember correctly, there really was no "extra" time to blog as our sweet baby girl began to explore every inch of our house. Of course, soon after, she taught herself to walk and had her first birthday.

After this, our lives consisted of Chad and me devoting every minute of our time and ALL of our energy to our growing (demanding) little ones. We learned to work together making sure the other was getting at least a little free/"me" time. Usually that just meant that I got to sit for a couple hours during my cut and color or on occasion, getting to take a bath and shave my legs without Drew or Caroline's assistance. Chad never lost his hunting or fishing privileges no matter how much I would've rather him been home. Although not ever much at all..(there just isn't), a little "me" time goes a long way when raising small children.
As Caroline approaches her 2nd birthday and Drew his big #5, we feel like we can give ourselves a pat on the back. We still find ourselves both physically and mentally drained a lot of the time, but there is order, routine, and we are proud of the little people our children are becoming. When we look at our babies (who are not babies anymore), we are so proud, feel so blessed, and are so lucky to call them ours!
P.S. I love to blog! Here's hoping I continue to find the time!

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