Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Year..(and a month already gone)

I will blame the holidays for why I haven't blogged in a couple months. What busy months October, November, & December always are. I love to blog so I decided I must make it a priority. We had a great Thanksgiving and an even better Christmas. We got our first real snow last week and enjoyed being snowed in for a couple of days. What a perfect excuse to sit around in your pajamas by a fire doing nothing but eating, playing and cuddling with your children, and watching movies for 3 straight days! Drew built his first snowman and Caroline saw her very first snow. I am pretty sure she would've appreciated a pair of sunglasses-it was so bright and pretty!

Caroline began sitting up the day after Christmas which also happened to be her 6 month birthday. We were so excited! It's amazing how they just pick a day to all of a sudden do the thing we've been waiting for them to do. Since then, she has begun practicing her crawling and will be taking off any day now! She started solids back in November and started out slow but, oh my, how she loves it and scarfs it down now. Most days, I can't feed her fast enough. She loves almost everything I've tried so far except for peas and she especially loves sweet potatoes and fruit.
Drew continues to love preschool and all his "fwenz". I am extremely pleased with his preschool. The director pours her heart into this preschool and it is evident. The teachers are the most kind, caring people I have ever been around. The place is neat and sparkling clean all the time. Most importantly, Drew is thriving and I have to give SMA some of the credit!
My children are the center of my life. I find myself smiling a whole lot these days. I continue to thank the Lord daily for blessing me with Drew and Caroline. I am truly amazed by them..their little grins and giggles, their little finger and toes, their beautiful blue eyes. I wonder is it normal that almost on a daily basis I think about how miraculous it is that I, with the help of Chad of course, created these little beings that bring us so much joy?!?! I love every little inch of both of them! They are so innocent, so dependent, and make my heart melt over and over.

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