Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Joyful 3's

Little Mr. Drew never ceases to amaze us. We laugh so hard at almost everything that come out of his mouth. I have recently had to start writing down all of the things my little character says and does so that I will never forget any of it. Although the 3 year old brings on a whole new set of challenges, I love this age so much!
We were waiting on "Mom-Mom" (my mom) to get to our house last week. A few minutes before, Drew disappears into the bathroom. Chad found him first and let me know that I needed to come. Chad- "Drew, what are you doing"? Drew- "I gotta shave my face for Mom-Mom" Mommy- "You have to shave your face for Mom-Mom?" Drew- "Yeah, her don't like it when I have hair on my face."
We will never understand the stream of thoughts that lead to our children's silly, random actions but there are so many times where I'd give anything to get into the mind of my 3 year old. God love this child! One thing's for sure-he will be ready to shave when that dreadful time comes. Take a close look at the pics and you will agree!

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